Bulletin W14-031 – Washington State Operating System Security Warning

March 21, 2014Bulletins

Topic included in Bulletin W14-031:

  • The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) considers all devices connected to the Internet running Windows XP a serious security risk
    • Devices include:  PCs, Laptops and Tablets
  • DFI has received information from credible sources that cyber criminals are poised to take advantage of this opportunity to infect and control devices running Windows XP by installing malware
  • CMS is aware of these risks and is proactively completing an upgrade of all company systems running Windows XP by the end of March 2014
  • Any Associate in the possession of a CMS laptop running XP that has not been upgraded needs to contact the IT Help Desk for an immediate upgrade
  • Any Associate logging in remotely via Citrix from a  personal device running Windows XP and working on a Washington state loan, needs to upgrade the device

Download: Bulletin – W14-031 (PDF)

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