Bulletin W14-014 – Third Party Attestation Requirements

January 28, 2014Bulletins

Topic included in Bulletin W14-014:

  • A broker may use a Third Party Processing Company when the broker’s compensation does not include the addition of the $695 fee
  • This is allowed on both Lender and Borrower paid compensation
  • When the broker uses a Third Party Processing Company, the following are required:
    • Third Party Processing Attestation
    • Copy of Third Party Processing Company’s NMLS License
    • Itemized Invoice for services performed by the Third Party Processing Company
  • Documents will be uploaded to the system and labeled “Third Party Processing Attestation and Supporting Documents”
  • This is a loan level condition and will be required on all loans using a Third Party Processing Company
  • The form, Third Party Processing Attestation is posted on the website for the brokers and the Intranet for Associates

Download: Bulletin – W14-014 (PDF)

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