Bulletin W13-060 – Update, Conventional Conforming DU Matrix

June 20, 2013Bulletins

Topic included in Bulletin W13-060:

  • Conventional Conforming DU Matrix has been updated.
  • Updates include:
    • A separate grid within the matrix has been added to clarify requirements on loans with LTVs > 95%
    • Updated grid with Minimum Cash Investment for loans with LTVs>95%
    • Updated grid to reflect 2-4 Units >80% require 5% of the Borrowers own funds
    • Florida Condo Project eligibility requirements are clarified with the following (all other items remain the same):  Must be an established project and Fannie Mae Warrantable
  • Updates are effective immediately.
  • This communication updates Bulletins W13-031, W13-038 and the Underwriting Guidelines.

Download: Bulletin – W13-060 (PDF)

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