Bulletin W1324 – Updated Underwriting Matrix

December 31, 2012Bulletins
  • The Underwriting Matrix has been updated and include the following topics:
    • All States – Flood Insurance, for all properties located in a flood zone, evidence of insurance prior to closing the transaction is required
    • Connecticut – All DU Refi Plus loan products are eligible
    • Idaho – Now available for the Wholesale channel
    • Kentucky – Now available for the Wholesale channel
    • Maine – Updated regulations regarding Power of Attorney and Borrower’s Right to Select a Title Attorney
    • Minnesota – List of updated regulations and requirements
    • New Jersey – Revised fee restrictions are listed and many of the Underwriting Conditions have been modified
    • New York – New York is now available to Retail and Wholesale channels.  Specific disclosures, notices and restrictions are listed
    • Pennsylvania – Updated regulations for loan amounts and re-disclosure requirements
    • Rhode Island – Updated specific high cost calculations regarding Seller paid costs
    • Tennessee – Now available to the Wholesale channel.  Specific disclosure are listed.
  • Changes are highlighted and consolidated at the beginning of the matrix.

Download: Bulletin – #W1324 (PDF)

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