Bulletin W1282 – Update to Photo ID Process

September 27, 2012Bulletins

This bulletin is an update to the Photo ID process.

  • Update is effective immediately
  • The only picture identification that should be uploaded (if required by Underwriting) into Data Trac EDM are;
    • Resident Alien Card
    • VISA
  • If photo identification is inadvertently uploaded the ID must be left sided prior to submission to Underwriting
    • Any Associate who finds a photo identification in error must immediately left side the document
  • Separate Data Trac EDM labels for Social Security Cards, Resident alien Cards and VISAs are in the process of being created
    • The Identity Verification Document label is in the process of being removed as a label
    • Notification via  separate bulletin will be sent when these new labels are active in Data Trac EDM
  • A Photo ID and any document containing photo identification can only be uploaded using Resident Alien or VISA labels

If  a photo ID is included with another document the photo ID must be removed from the document

Download: Bulletin – #W1282 (PDF)

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