Bulletin W1280 – Data Trac Adverse Action Reason Codes

September 25, 2012Bulletins

Revisions have been made to the Data Trac Action Reason Codes, the revisions include:

  • Two (2) new columns, HMDA Reportable and AA Notice which lists when they are required
  • “Other Reasons” section has been updated and revised (see 080 through 087)
  • Three (3) “new” Denial Codes have been added, 085,086 and 087
  • The Explanation of Reason Code for Denial Code 082 has been revised for clarification purposes

The Data Trac Adverse Action Reason Codes has been posted to the Intranet and can be found at:

  • Mortgage Services/Mortgage Lending/Mortgage Lending Division Policies and Procedures/Support Documents

Download: Bulletin – #W1280 (PDF)

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