Bulletin W1278 – Updates to the Conventional Undewriting Manual

September 17, 2012Bulletins

This bulletin announces the updates to the Conventional Underwriting Manual and Conventional Conforming Matrix.

  • Conventional Underwriting Manual Updates
    • Added “Private Transfer Fees” guidelines to the Purchase section
    • Added “Reaffirmed Debt/Bankruptcy Concerning Individual Mortgage Loans” guidelines to the Significant Derogatory Credit Section
    • Revised sections pertaining to the conversion of a primary residence to a second home or investment property
    • Added “Primary Residence” and “Secondary Home or Investment Property” guidelines to the Reserve Requirements section
  • Complete Revision History of the guide can be found on pages 10 and 11
  • Updates posted to the Intranet

Download: Bulletin – #W1278 (PDF)

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