Bulletin W1272 – Updates to the FHA Streamline Program and HomePath

September 12, 2012Bulletins

This bulletin highlights updates to the FHA Streamline Program and HomePath.

  • The FHA Streamline program has been amended:
    • AVM required on all loans with FICO scores less than 640
    • Effective on loans submitted on and after Monday September 17, 2012
    • AVM will be ordered by Junior Underwriter early in the process and included in loan file at time of underwriting
    • FHA Streamline loans with no appraisal the LTV cannot be more than 115% of the value given on the AVM
  • HomePath Product Guidelines updated to align with updates made on other conventional products and Wells Fargo guidelines.
  • Matrices posted to the Intranet

Download: Bulletin – #W1272 (PDF)

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